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Compliments to 12 Ranch Wines

Just had Ahi Tuna for dinner with your 2005 Merlot. What; a treat!!
We are looking forward to your Syrah and the Cab  that we have left.
Also, the Kenzie was great with lamb for Christmas dinner'
Oh, by the way,  we are the ones the ones that came out;;to taste your great wines in Sept when we met ;our kids half way from San Francisco.
I will be calling ;to place an order for more of your wine.


We enjoyed very much coming out to the winery and visiting with you - what a
beautiful sitting, I am sure we will be back for another visit or two -
however I may have to see what I can do to bring along some fresh crab,
smoked salmon or who knows what from the coast.

Okay we couldn't help it and of course we love to share a good glass of wine
with friends and had to take a bottle of Kenzie red to our friends.
Enjoying a Chardonnay right now and looking forward to seeing you again.


Ken and Connie,
It was a delight to meet and visit with you.  We really enjoyed your open
 house and your website; the cows loving the grape mash was a kick!
Thanks again.  We look forward to your shipments - it's a great reason to
 get back over to Klamath Falls.

12 Ranch Wines

4550 Burgdorf Rd

Bonanza Oregon


(541) 545-1204


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